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Viro Club Review – Sexy Social VR

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Virtual Romance Club, aka Viro Club, is a sexy social experience with a focus on interactive avatars and haptic feedback. The game is still in early development but there is already a free demo available that gives a kinky peek of what’s to come.

Adult VR Oasis

Viro Club is an ambitious project that aims to be the VR oasis of adult activities. The vision is to create a shared sex space that leverages the power of teledildonics to help horny adults connect. By combining interactive avatars with haptic feedback, the developers hope to foster an active community of gregarious masturbators.

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Judgement-Free Zone

Viro Club’s dev team is intent on making the game as sexually inclusive as possible. They cater to a wide variety of tastes including straight, gay, lesbian, and furry. In addition to the diverse content, there is also a strong focus on privacy. The ability to play anonymously is a welcome feature that should help reduce inhibitions.


The game is still in early development but there is already a free demo that users can try. The demo offers a fun, single-player experience that gives a taste of what’s possible. After talking to a sexy CGI girl, you spawn in a colorful nightclub where you can roam the space and interact with the environment. New players are given a sample of in-game currency that they can use to purchase several different sex experiences in the club.

The graphics are fun and colorful, striking a nice balance between realism and caricature. The character animations are a bit stiff but this is still common for VR porn games. One element that was surprisingly high-quality was the voice acting and audio. Usually, porn games have zero voice-overs or, if they do, they’re extremely artificial sounding. But, the voice acting in Viro Club struck me as refreshingly nuanced.

VR Porn Game Community

The adult VR landscape is still pretty barren when it comes to social experiences so it’d be great to see Viro Club succeed. It’s no easy feat to build an online community around porn, but the first VR game to do it will definitely be rewarded. A free demo of Viro Club is available on the developer’s Patreon page for those who are interested in finding out more.

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