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If you’re using Pornhub for VR porn on your Oculus Quest or PCVR headset, you’re doing it wrong. Pornhub is great for pancake videos but it sucks for virtual reality porn.

The two best VR porn tube sites are and SexLikeReal. But which one is better? This review puts the two sites head to head to determine which is the best site for free VR porn.


Every VR Porn review you’ll find is an advertisement. Search Google for an impartial comparison of these two VR paysites and all you’ll get is a few archived Reddit posts and a bunch of spammy articles stuffed with affiliate links. 

How do I know this? Well, It takes one to know one. I’m a shill just like the rest of them. The difference is that I’m an even-handed shill. I get a kickback regardless of which site you sign up for so I don’t give a fuck which one you choose. What follows is the most honest review you’ll find comparing vs

Free Content

best free vr porn site

Winner VRPorn

When it comes to free VR porn, wins hands down. Their free videos are longer and you can watch an unlimited number of them. SexLikeReal has much shorter free VR porn videos and they only let you watch a small number before forcing you to sign up. In addition, has better browser streaming and faster downloads for free users.

When it comes to their selection of free videos, the two sites are almost identical. They both publish literally every VR sex video trailer the day it’s released so selection is a pretty much a non-factor. 

If you’re perfectly content with short 2-3 minute videos then you can stop reading this review right now. VRPorn is the obvious choice. The rest of the article is a review for those who are deciding between Premium and SLR Premium.

Subscription Price

VR porn premium price

Winner VRPorn Premium is significantly cheaper than SexLikeReal Premium. costs $19.95 per month compared to SexLikeReal’s $29.99 per month. If you’re willing to commit to an entire year, then is only $7.95 per month. The equivalent plan on SexLikeReal (the annual plan) costs $19.99 per month. 

Download Quality

download free vr porn

Winner: Tie

For download quality both sites are close. lets you download the videos in the native resolution and bitrate with zero compression. In other words, you get the exact same quality that you’d get it if you bought it directly from the producer. 

SexLikeReal uses a different approach. Rather than giving you the native file, they master their videos themselves. The results vary per video, but one benefit of this approach is that it lets SLR give their videos an artificially high frame rate. Using some editing tricks, SLR can take a 60fps video and make it look like 90 or even 120fps. 

While SexLikeReal edges out the win for quality, gets an extra point for faster download speed. In the end, this one is a draw.

Streaming Quality

Winner SexLikeReal

With streaming quality, things get complicated. focuses on browser streaming whereas SexLikeReal focuses on app streaming. VRPorn’s approach offers more convenience but SexLikeReal’s approach offers slightly higher quality. If you’re relatively tech savvy and don’t mind sideloading adult apps onto your Oculus Quest, then there’s no denying that the SexLikeReal app offers higher quality video streaming. Just be willing to create a developer account with Oculus and spend 20 minutes troubleshooting. 


vr porn selection

Winner SexLikeReal

At the time of this article, both sites have around 6,000 full virtual reality porn videos in their Premium section. The videos come from hundreds of different porn studios. While most of the studios overlap, there are a few studio disparities between the two sites. In general, has more CGI and game studios whereas SexLikeReal has more indie and amateur studios in their Premium area. SexLikeReal edges out the win in this section because they have a few hundred more videos in their Premium section and they also have their own “SexLikeReal originals” studio which produces original content. 


Winner SexLikeReal

Neither site does a great job of navigation. Most people have gotten spoiled with advanced search algorithms from Google and Pornhub and the search functionality on virtual reality porn sites is understandably worse. While both VRPorn and SLR use a crude tag system to filter results, SLR gets the win here for having a slightly smarter search bar and more exhaustive tag list. 

Customer Support 

Winner VRPorn

VRPorn is stationed in the U.S. and has good support with native english speakers. They also offer refunds to those who aren’t satisfied with the product. SLR is slightly less responsive and is stationed in Eastern Europe. Both sites are very professional and use the same payment processor so you can feel 100% safe doing business with either.

Both programs automatically renew. but you can cancel your subscription at any time and your subscription will remain active until the end of the billing period.

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