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Adult VR Game: Naughty Sandbox Review


Naughty Sandbox is an incredible adult VR game, with hyper-realistic graphics and wide range of customization options.

It’s currently being developed by NaughtySandboxDev, who’s striving to make the most realistic VR porn game possible.

Image Source: Naughty Sandbox


In a sandbox-style game such as this one, the customization options are critical. People want to make their dream girls, and for them to have whatever appearance they want, and Naughty Sandbox doesn’t disappoint.

When it comes to the girl’s looks, there are sliders for everything one could want. You can increase the sizes of their eyes and noses or position them on an X and Y-axis.

Alter their bodies by adjusting breast size, thigh thickness, tan-lines, and even alter their breathing to your liking. From light breathing to full-on moaning, or whatever you’d like your ‘girl’ to look like, this game delivers.

Alongside their appearances, you have a few choices for sex toys. These options include a Sybian, Hitachi wand, and ball-gag, among others. However, a common complaint is that there’s still a lack of BDSM options, which people feel would incorporate well to the sex toys available.

So, while the girls may have an incredible range of customization options, the accessories and sex toys are lacking in comparison. This lack of diversity among the toys themselves can negatively affect the replay value, with some people feeling as if they aren’t able to replicate a specific fetish they may have.

Naughty Sandbox Accessories
Image Source: Naughty Sandbox


With all the options for the girls, you’d be surprised at the lack of environments currently in the game. So far, there’s only 4 ‘rooms’ to choose from;

  • Naughty Sandbox: a room with a singular wall, but has some furniture like a bed and lamp.
  • White Room: which has white tiles from floor to ceiling and includes a Sybian.
  • House: a bedroom with a few sex toys scattered about.
  • Public Restroom: it’s dirty, with graffiti on the stalls and water on the floors.

It would be great to see more diversity in the rooms, as it can make it difficult for a player to create a specific scenario they might want.

Thankfully, NaughtySandboxDev is continuing to update the game, with the previously mentioned bathroom being one of the most recent updates. This bodes well for the future of new and exciting environment options, and the possibilities of what he may add next seem endless.

Image Source: Naughty Sandbox


Whether it be the girls or the environments they’re in, this adult VR game is stunning. Both on desktop and in VR, it’s an incredible game to look at, which makes the game that much better to play.

The girls themselves are almost photo-realistic, and options like skin wetness or tan-lines look great. These minor details help create a deeper sense of immersion. You almost feel that you’re watching porn through your headset instead of playing a game!

And while there may only be a few environments, they’re still great to look at. The rooms themselves have an incredible amount of detail, from the dials on the toys, to the textures on the furniture itself. What’s even better, and uncommon for games like this, is the girls feel natural in their environment. All of these small details really help make the game feel as realistic as possible.


The controls are the major concern with Naughty Sandbox, at least on desktop. You’ll be going back and forth with your Alt key, as pressing it allows you to move around, but if you want to click on a specific item, you’ll need to press it again.

Positioning the girls can take some time getting used to as you move their various limbs by clicking and dragging points on their bodies. It’s great for getting persico positions, but it can be a pain to move them at times.

All of this effects the game’s pacing as you’ll go back and forth a few times just to get in the specific situation you’d like to see the girl in. There are a few other key options, such as using the J key to ejaculate or the scroll wheel to increase the intensity of the toys.

Thankfully, it feels a little more streamlined in the VR. You don’t have to worry about toggling things on and off, meaning you can fully immerse yourself into creating scenarios of your dreams.

Poses in Naughty Sandbox adult VR game
Image Source: Naughty Sandbox


Naughty Sandbox is a promising adult VR game, with stunning visuals and a vast selection of customization for the girls. It lacks some variety when it comes to environments and sex toys, but redeems itself with it’s incredible graphics. It’s a top-notch sandbox game, that looks even better in VR!

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