Naughty Sandbox 2

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NaughtySandbox is a futuristic sex simulator made from the ground up for virtual reality. Please support the developer by visiting the NaughtySandbox Subscribestar page.




Naughty Sandbox VR Game Description

Naughty Sandbox is an ambitious project that aims to be the most realistic sex simulator in the adult VR gaming space.

There are a bunch of cool features in the works including:

  1. Advanced customization suite with ability to create and share your models
  2. Photoreal environments with highly interactive props and furniture
  3. Sex toys with various stats and functionality
  4. A selection of settings and scenarios – from bondage to massage
  5. A soft body system with realistic jiggle physics
  6. Graphics menu to tweak settings based on hardware

For more details read our full Naughty Sandbox VR review.

The developer initially had most of the advanced features behind a paywall but unlocked the features in the free version in late 2022.

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5 reviews for Naughty Sandbox 2

  1. lewdreview

    A solid sex simulator that seems to be improving at a rapid pace. I’m excited to see how the game progresses.

  2. Mealea Ying

    This is coming out great, the developer is totally accessible and works on suggestions, improvements and new stuff constantly. It has desktop and VR mode for more flexibility as well.

  3. tchau1

    does anyone know the difference between buying the game here and subscribe monthly on the dev’s page?? Thank you

  4. Anonymous

    No VR. What happened to it?

  5. Dzejkob

    Demo sucks, all that is there is a blured woman that you cant do anything with

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