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Dawn of Marionette Game Review

Dawn Of Marionette Orders Menu

In Hentai, it’s surprisingly common that sexy androids mysteriously show up at your home. Sometimes these androids show up in a shipping box or sometimes they’re just teleported in. But what’s not common is that an enemy appears to destroy the sex machine and its master.

It’s this last strange circumstance that you find yourself in when playing Dawn of Marionette.

At its core, the game has 3 gameplay elements – interactive sex, robot modding, and tactical combat. The game has unique features such as voice commands/response, ChatGPT AI integration, and haptic sex toy support. I did not configure and try the ChatGPT capability or haptic toy support. My review opinion is based on just the core character Runa, the interactive sex, and the tactical combat.

About Runa

Short hair buffs speed. Big boobs buff HP and unlock tit-jobs in sex

I am a fan of Runa’s thicc character design with exposed joints. She is a good balance of cute and mechanically interesting. Her big eyes and broad face provide a canvas to more expressions and blushes during different interactions.

Energy collected from defeated enemy bots is currency that can be used to boost and modify Runa’s chassis. You can purchase buffs for HP, Attack, and Speed for a starting price of 100 energy but the aesthetic mods are a more interesting way to change her combat performance.

Each of the additional 5 hair colors, 3 hairstyles, 2 breast sizes, and 2 crotch choices provides a different set statistical buffs. The cost of the modification depends on the value of the boost it provides. Blue hair coloring for example provides an HP increase at a cost of 60 energy. White hair costs 200 with a boost to attack and speed.

The bad bots don’t actually make it past the arena areas so combat isn’t explicitly required to chat and chill with Runa. The default chassis configuration she arrives in however doesn’t have a vagina. Also her default boobs are not bad in size visually but apparently must be made of some material not appropriate for tit-jobs. Bigger boobs and a vagina are the most expensive modifications.

Cute face with surprisingly soft hands

The Sex

The game escalates in how much energy is possible to be farmed from a single combat mission. After our first combat mission Runa came home with 70 energy in her battery bank. That’s a very small start to the 2000 energy needed to buy her a pussy implant. So the endgame is being able to afford Runa bouncing on your red pixelated cock or rubbing it with her big fake boobs.

The base model Runa arrives with a selection of 5 handjob and 5 blowjobs showing available. During sex scenes you have the option to take control of the movement by pressing the grip button or letting it autocycle. Using a dialog wheel or voice commands you can tell her to go faster or slower, let her know you are about to come or that you have already come.

The best part of the sex scenes for me are her expression changes and her process status updates in her robot voice. Her blushing stays persistent even after the sex. You can tell that the developer put a lot of attention into getting the expressions correct and giving her a bit of personality.


Runa isn’t programmed with any truly surprising sex moves and she made some mistakes. She had a few slips of the hand and a few T-poses instead of animations. I didn’t try any of her advanced features though. With voice command, AI chat capability, and sex toy integration added on to her 40 total position options – her creators did give her a lot of potential for sexy fun.

To get to the full potential that includes the cowgirl and oppai options you have to fight. That’s where this review gets challenging.

Almost Tactical Combat

Thicc Runa versus tall Stilleto bots

The combat system has Runa as tank and attacker while you do your best to avoid getting hit and shoot from a distance. That makes sense given that you are just a squishy human in the midst of a fight between heavy machinery. They’d be quicker and stronger and able to kill you in 2 hits. But is that fun?

You are able to command Runa between attack and defend modes. I found my best strategy was to keep her into defend mode briefly at first to wrangle up the bad girls into a clump before putting her into attack mode and staying as far away as possible. In defend mode she tanks hits but can lead them towards you, which is not helpful. In attack mode the enemies might skip her and come after you.

The enemies can spawn from outside the arena coming from any direction while Runa doesn’t necessarily face any of them while they are spawning in. The most important moment is when Runa first gets their attention and the pattern of animations begins. Death is quick if more than one enemy skips Runa and comes at you instead. You can’t outrun them and your blaster recharges fast enough to only keep one enemy away with stun locks.

It took dying again and again until I gut lucky with a survivable start to get past the larger endgame waves. There might be techniques I’m missing that make the grind easier but I couldn’t figure it out.


This is an ambitious and feature rich game by a team capable of creating a really good product.

I adore the premise, design, and character. I love Runa’s thicc design and cute facial expressions most of all. I think it would be cool if the developers put this new VR anime porn starlet in some standalone videos.

The game can be a bit confusing in english and some things aren’t obvious and well explained in the manual inside the game. The fact that you can shake your head for yes and no wasn’t explained in the manual for the version of the game I reviewed for example. So it’s important to read the full instructions for the latest version of the game online and not rely solely on the in-game manual.

What most held the game back for me was the combat system but that is getting tweaked with patches. By the time this review is released it should be much easier to collect enough energy for a vagina.

The necessity to actually fight and the rewards that come from that are what make Dawn of Marionette one of the few VR porn games with active gameplay of consequence. It’s not merely a fully passive or simulated experience with interesting technical features.

Once it is more fully patched for issues and the combat is tuned to be less burdensome this will be a very nice game that is easy to recommend.

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