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Multiplayer VR Sex

multiplayer vr sex

The number of multiplayer sex games is limited. But that isn’t going to stop me from praising the few titles that do exist. In the near future, we’ll always have a horny friend to masturbate with in the metaverse. But at the time of this article, there are two main options – VRChat and Adult VR Game Room

VR Chat

vrchat porn guide featured imageThe first is one you’re probably already familiar with. It’s VRChat. While VRChat isn’t technically a sex game, it’s open ended enough to allow for all kinds of sexy role playing.  This is thanks to the robust community of creators making assets for the game. In the world of VRChat you’ll find everything from sexy avatars to strip clubs. It’s very easy to find other adventurous gamers to play with through Discord and other social media groups. See my guide on VRChat ERP for the full details.

Adult VR Game Room

The other game is Adult VR Game Room. While AVRGR isn’t as popular as VRChat, it does focus specifically on sex. The graphics are generally more realistic than VRChat and you don’t have to worry about any censorship. The downside is that you need a Patreon subscription to get full access. The multiplayer pass is $13 at the time of this article so not cheap. But the game is legit and the community is active so the price tag is reasonable for what you get. If you’re curious to learn more about exactly what the subscription gets you, here’s the full AdultVRGameRoom review.

Other VR Sex Games with Multiplayer

Believe it or not, these are the only two noteworthy VR sex games with multiplayer at this point. There have been a number of other attempts but most of them fell flat. Feel free to look into this other multiplayer titles if you want to test your luck but keep your expectations low.

Watching VR Porn with Others

multiplayer vr sex image 2The last option is watching porn with other people in a shared VR theater. The two best apps for this are BigScreen and Virtual Desktop. The idea is that you go into the app and create a new instance. From there you invite your friends and load up your favorite porn videos. It’s not the most interactive experience but it’s better than being alone.



Some Closing Notes About VR Intimacy in General

In some circumstances, people might feel safer and more at ease exploring their intimacy in a virtual setting. Those who have gone through trauma or anxiety, for instance, can feel more at ease experimenting with intimacy in a virtual environment than in real life. Moreover, VR can let users explore with various settings and experiences without worrying about criticism or rejection.

A new level of connection between two people may be possible through VR. Couples can have a greater emotional and physical connection even when they are physically apart by replicating an intimate atmosphere. The sensation of intimacy and closeness that could otherwise be lost might be especially helpful in long-distance relationships because of this.

Intimacy in a romantic relationship can be experienced in VR in ways that may not have been conceivable in the past, opening up fresh possibilities for connection and pleasure. As virtual reality technology develops, new experiences are continually being created. There are a number of compelling reasons why multiplayer sex in VR can be a great experience, even though some individuals may be hesitant to accept the idea. In addition to sexual thrill, VR can offer a new way to explore intimacy and forge healthier relationships, from boosting connection and safety to encouraging emotional and mental health.

If you’re interested in my thoughts on the future of VR sex and how it’s going to impact humanity see my article on the four stages of virtual sex development. 

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