Soul Marionette

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Soul Marionette is the first VR sex game to utilize ChatGPT. Please support the developer by visiting the Safu Games


Soul Marionette Game Description

Say hello to Luna-chan. She is an artificially intelligent android that can flirt and interact with you via voice. While the animations are limited, the most recent update added a pseudo-emotion system to enhance the realism.

Through conversation and facial expressions, the player can build an intimate relationship with their AI sex companion. With the correct prompts, the AI companion can learn about the player’s preferences, interests, and personality, allowing for a highly personal experience.

The game is playable in both English and Japanese and is compatible with Windows 10 PCVR. It also works on desktop, but the menu is not available.

How to play

  1. Set your Windows microphone settings to the microphone you want to use. (Oculus Virtual Audio Device for Oculus)
  2. Get APIKey from OpenAI.
  3. Open the file ChatGPT.Text in the game folder SoulMarionetteAlpha_Data/CustomData and copy-paste the APIKey you got.
  4. Start the game.
  5. It is easier to recognize words if you add “er” or “ah” before speaking.

If you have any problems, please feel free to write the developer.

The VR device tested is MetaQuest2 (OculusLink).

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Safu Games makes VR sex games featuring cute hentai girls. His games are for the Meta Quest 2 and often center around unique mechanics and dialogue. His most recent titles have started integrating voice acting and even some action elements.