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Half-Life: Alyx Helps Adult VR

Half Life Alyx Rule 34

Valve’s Source 2 Engine was finally made available to the public this week. The release is expected to inspire a flood of mods for Half-Life: Alyx. But it’s also likely to inspire some sexy rule 34 content too.

What Is Source 2

Source 2 is a video game engine from Valve. The engine includes a software development kit (SDK) and a 3D video composer called Source Film Maker. Valve lets anyone use this software for free so long as they publish their creations on Steam.

Why Is This a Big Deal for Adult VR Games?

Up until now, most VR porn games have been made in the Unity game engine. Unity is a very powerful game development tool but its wide range of applications can be overwhelming for newcomers.

Source 2 is a huge boon for VR developers because it ads native VR support and a new in-house graphics engine called Rubikon. By providing a turn-key solution for the most common graphics and physics hurdles, Source 2 will encourage more amateur developers to experiment with VR, especially SFM VR porn. It will also free up more time and resources for these developers to focus on gameplay and narrative, instead of basic functionality.

This is especially important for the adult VR industry where most devs are amateurs. They often work full time jobs and develop games on nights and weekends so any software that helps speed up their workflow will have a positive impact on the quality of their games.

Source Filmmaker

Source 2 will also benefit VR fans who enjoy 3D porn videos. That’s because it comes bundled with Source Filmmaker 2 which is a user-friendly program that lets amateurs create realistic CGI movies using pre-existing game assets. The first iteration of Source Filmmaker (SFM) has long been one of the most popular tools for source engine porn creators. Hundreds of CGI porn videos have already been made in the old version of SFM and formatted for VR. Here’s an example of a great Half-Life sex scene made for VR by an artist named Likkez.

The addition of new Half-Life Assets to Source 2 and Source Filmmaker is sure to inspire a lot of new lewd content. It will be exciting to see what the rule 34 community is able to make with their new toys from Valve.

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