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Slaves of Rome Review


Slaves of Rome is an adult VR game where you buy and train a Roman slave. As the name suggests, the game takes place in the distant past when sex and power were woven fine.


The gameplay is very deep for an adult VR game. There are legitimate RPG elements and the VR girls that you buy and train have real skill trees and abilities.

At the beginning of the game, your wealth is limited so you can only afford the more basic slaves. As your training skills improve, you earn more money to unlock the more advanced characters.

You train the slaves by administering the right amount of punishment and reward. If you donate money to the temple, you can modify each character’s innate abilities. By training them well, a slave’s market value increases and you can sell them for valuable resources.



The graphics in this adult VR game are impressive. There’s a nice variety of body types and the character’s chests, in particular, look very realistic.

Surrounding the characters is a gorgeous environment that really does transport you to a different time and place. The vast landscape and detailed architecture is probably the closest thing to an Assassin’s Creed in VR porn we have at the moment.

VR Support

Perhaps the biggest drawback to the game is the limited VR support. Because the game has been in development since June 2018, it wasn’t built from the ground up for VR. Instead, VR was patched in at a later date and is only available for certain scenes. Despite this fact, the game still remains one of the deepest game experiences available in the adult VR space. Hopefully, the developer integrates more VR support down the line.


If you’d like to purchase the full game (including the VR patch) you can buy Slaves of Rome VR here. To find about more about Slaves of Rome and keep up to speed with all the latest updates, please visit the Slaves of Rome Patreon page.

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