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HypnoLab Review

hypnolab featured image

Hypnolab VR is an adult VR game with a cute art style and a playful fetish theme. The game is developed by Outbreak games in collaboration with TinyHat studios and features an adorable brunette girl who wakes up to find herself in a strange science lab run by a sex-crazed psychologist.


The gameplay is different from most other VR porn games. That’s because the sex is secondary to object interaction and environment exploration. While the game’s setting is rather limited, it’s filled with fun toys to play with.


The graphics are refreshingly original. They represent a stark departure from the polygon mannequins that litters the adult section of Steam VR. Any VR sex game that doesn’t just use stock DaZ models at this point gets a positive nod from me.

tinyhat studios hypnolabvr banner

TinyHat Studios has been producing adult games for years now but HypnoLab is their first real foray into virtual reality. The hope is that HypnoLab gets enough attention that it makes TinyHat making more VR porn games in the future. Play the HypnoLab VR demo.

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