PINKU! makes adorable VR sex simulators with style and class. Their game iDoll VR is one of the cutest build-a-babe experiences in VR.

Ero Night (Quest Edition)


Ero Night! is an exploration of lewd night-time vibes with a focus on colorful graphics and deep customization.


Ero Night Features

Create custom characters and save your settings.
Adjust character rotation to view from any angle.
6 sexy accessories to decorate your character with (Ball Gag, Glasses, Cum, Horns, Elf Ears, Futa Cock)
Realistic jiggle physics for the hair, ass and breast to increase immersion
Access to 24 controls for customizing your character’s eyes / expression.
Access to 12 controls for customizing your character’s smile and mouth.
Access to 10 controls for customizing your character’s lower body.
Access to 9 controls for customizing your character’s breasts.
Access to 4 controls for opening and closing your character’s pussy and anus.
Two animated dildos (mouth, pussy).
Position yourself how you’d like with our easy flight controls!
6 Anime Expressions to choose and mix from for your character! (Ahegao, Blep, Blush, Blank Eyes, Shade)
A set of fourteen SFW animated idle poses.
A set of four NSFW sex animations.

Note: Sideloaded Quest apps must be installed with SideQuest. Learn more about SideQuest here:

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