Fallen Doll: Origin

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Fallen Doll: Origin is a VR sex game created by Project Helius. Please support the artist by subscribing to the ProjectH Patreon page.


Fallen Doll: Origin Description

Fallen Doll is one of the most visually impressive VR hentai games ever made. The graphics combine the best elements of Eastern and Western art styles to produce some truly breathtaking visuals. The expressive models look real enough to be hot but are still stylized enough to avoid the uncanny valley effect. In addition to the beautiful animations, the game features real gameplay mechanics that reward player exploration.

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Hentai, Sex Simulator

Game Features

Free Demo, Character Customization, Soft Body Physics, Sex Toys, Touch Compatible

1 review for Fallen Doll: Origin

  1. lewdreview


    One of the best VR porn games. Great graphics and relatively deep gameplay in the full version of the game.

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Project Helius is an amazingly creative studio that redefined the adult VR genre with their game, Fallen Doll. The game has some of the most beautiful models ever seen in VR and it was one of the first VR porn games to add real gameplay elements to an adult VR title.