Shake Your Body

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Shake your body is a fun dancing game with half-naked anime chicks. Extra DLC content is available on the game’s Steam page.


Shake Your Body Game Description

Shake your body is a virtual reality game rhythm game featuring sexy anime girls in skimpy bikinis. There is no sex in this game but there’s plenty of eye-candy. There are two modes to choose from: challenge mode and appreciation mode. In the challenge mode, the player catches the music icons to unlock new songs and dancing girls. In the appreciation mode, players can relax and enjoy the dancing girls in 360 degrees.

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2 reviews for Shake Your Body

  1. lewdreview


    Not any hardcore stuff, but good for those who like to work up a sweat during their late night VR porn sessions.

  2. hamfist

    I like to rock out with my cock out.

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Trilobite animation technology makes hentai inspired VR games featuring cute anime girls dancing around in skimpy bathing suits.