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Hentaiverse is a PCVR porn game featuring super curvy characters and a bright city environment. Find out more at https://www.thehentaiverse.com/



HentaiVerse Game Description

Walk around the town and catch a glimpse of some truly extreme beauties in this fun VR porn experience from Hentaiverse. https://www.thehentaiverse.com/

Make sure you have OPENXR or STEAMVR activated then doubleclick on “metaverse.exe”

it’s for SEATED exeperience, USE YOUR MOUSE AND KEYBOARD (joysticks not supported yet)

How to Play

Movement with QWERTY keyboard ( AWSD ) and mouse.

  1. Press R to RUN
  2. Press 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 to change camera many girls view ( not num lock but numbers under f1,f2 etc..)
  3. Press E to open door
  4. Press E near a girl to switch camera.
  5. Press mouse left click for interaction with someone. ( interaction only work with some girls), you have to be really close then press left click with your mouse then you will trigger a sex interation or a dialogue or something else depends on the npc.

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