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Hunt, Buy, Cat is a VR hentai game where you level up to unlock a myriad of sexy cat girls. Full game is available for purchase on DLSite here.


Hunt Buy Cat! Game Description

Paruda lost his parents and lived alone in the forest. One day, as a reward for his work, he is taken to the brothel by the adventurer Oria. The experience in the brothel was shocking for Parda.

Oria says to Paruda, who was now acutely aware of the pleasures of sex. “Do you want to hold a woman again?” “Then, shall we make a woman?” “Do you want to buy a businesswoman?” “Do you want to buy a cat?” Paruda has no idea where to begin so he decides to do something with the power of money. Start a life where you just earn money and have sex with women!

Girls have erotic status, and the more you do naughty things with girls, the higher it will be. As your erotic status increases, girls will become more sensitive and you will have more sex scenes.

*The characters in this work are created using vroid studio

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Veroncho to Leroncho makes VR hentai games with cat girls. More specifically, games that allow you to play with a variety of sexy characters and buy them outfits and accessories to enhance them.