PINKU! makes adorable VR sex simulators with style and class. Their game iDoll VR is one of the cutest build-a-babe experiences in VR.

iDoll (Quest Edition)

(8 customer reviews)


iDoll (Quest Edition) is a beautifully stylized VR sex simulator for the Quest that lets you customize and hump a cute cartoon girl.


Build and customize the blonde babe of your dreams in this hentai-inspired VR sex simulator from iDollDev. An intuitive interface and simple controls make this one of the most user-friendly build-a-babe experiences in VR.

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8 reviews for iDoll (Quest Edition)

  1. soviet_commisar_1946

    soviet_commisar_1946 (verified owner)

    can’t find a way to get it to run on quest 2. is it some sort of glitch?

    • admin


      What part is giving you trouble?

  2. Chara Dalton

    How do I get it from my phone to the headset

  3. tywood824

    tywood824 (verified owner)

    how do i play it after download ?

  4. iDollDev


    Follow this guide to learn how to get APKs onto your Quest and play them.

  5. garrisonbradley82


    can some give me this free

  6. Jon

    Can get hand tracking to work.

  7. Pete

    Can you put this on your quest 2 without a PC?… Might need a refund…

    • admin


      You need a laptop or computer or something just so that you can transfer the file onto your headset.

  8. dre

    pretty bad for 10 bucks, looks like its worth 4.

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