Insult Order

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free demo download button squareInsult Order takes place in a swanky nightclub called the “Demi-Stage Cafe”. Behind the club’s luxury facade lies a seedy brothel filled with gorgeous women. The full game can be purchased on DLSite.

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Insult Order Game Description

Insult Order was originally developed for flat PC gamers but a big-brained alpha male who goes by the name of Eusth made a VR patch for the game.  Warning: This game doesn’t have English subtitles or control instructions.

Game Features:

  • Multiple sex positions
  • Lots of hot scenarios to choose from (including some weird ones)
  • Bukkake options with sperm physics
  • X-Ray vision
  • Fully voiced characters

Voice Credits:

Nodoka Nishiura (as Neko)
Shiho Bubaigawara (as Tomoe)
Yukiko Shinomori (as young boy)
Koneko Nanami (as young boy)

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2 reviews for Insult Order

  1. LewdReviewer

    Glad to see the game got some VR support finally

  2. xiri.k.xi

    Demo doesn’t work when i start via main menu

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