Insult Order

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Insult Order takes place in a swanky nightclub called the “Demi-Stage Cafe”. Behind the club’s luxury facade lies a seedy brothel filled with gorgeous women. The full game can be purchased on DLSite.


Insult Order Game Description

Insult Order was originally developed for flat PC gamers but a big-brained alpha male who goes by the name of Eusth made a VR patch for the game.  Warning: This game doesn’t have English subtitles or control instructions.

Game Features:

  • Multiple sex positions
  • Lots of hot scenarios to choose from (including some weird ones)
  • Bukkake options with sperm physics
  • X-Ray vision
  • Fully voiced characters

Voice Credits:

Nodoka Nishiura (as Neko)
Shiho Bubaigawara (as Tomoe)
Yukiko Shinomori (as young boy)
Koneko Nanami (as young boy)

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Game Features

2 reviews for Insult Order

  1. LewdReviewer

    Glad to see the game got some VR support finally

  2. xiri.k.xi


    Demo doesn’t work when i start via main menu

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Miconisomi is a Japanese game studio that specializes in Hentai games. Their games are renowned for their classic anime style and quality voice acting. Due to the popularity of their games, some devs have started creating VR mods for their games Insult Order and After Service Gangbang Addicts.