Invisible Man VR

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Tease the neighbor girl using your nifty cloak of invisibility in this sexy stealth game. Full game is available for purchase on



Invisible Man VR Game Description

Your neighbor is a nice girl who lives a routine life. When you gain the super power of invisibility you decide to pay her a visit. The gameplay involves playing pranks on the unsuspecting lady.

Game Mechanics

They are invisible while they are not moving, but when they move, they become visible. An inhabitant’s dread level increases if they discover you or are struck by your body. The player flees when it reaches its maximum, and the game is over. Use cunning to evade detection.


Hand trigger “Grab”.

Index trigger “Action key”.

1, 2, 3, 4 buttons “Menu”

Analogue stick “Move, turn”

Menu Options

The buttons and knobs can be operated by holding them.

With “Ejaculation speed” you can adjust the speed at which you have to keep swinging until the ejaculation mark appears.

With “Ejaculation stroke” you can adjust the distance between the deep part of the vagina and the ejaculation position.

Under ‘Height’ you can adjust the height.

With the ‘End game’ button you can quit the game at any time.

Character Status

Details are displayed on the player’s shoulder. Eleanor’s status is on the screen. Pressing the trigger allows you to skip events in progress.

Ms Eleanor Aka Eleanor Chan

Ms. Eleanor will become startled if she is touched while awake. As the terror gauge rises, the game will end if it reaches its maximum level. You are able to hold and move her body when she is sleeping. By pressing the action keys on her breast or in the space between her legs, you can take her clothes off.

During H-scenes

While clutching his what, the player. Aim at Eleanor’s mouth or crotch and pull the trigger. The H-scene can be accessed by the player. To move your object, shake the game controller. The ejaculation symbol will emerge if you shake the controller for a predetermined period of time, at which point you can ejaculate by lining up the arrows. You can also ejaculate whenever you want by pressing the action key. You can either skip the scenario if you want to stop. Or you can continue holding your hand.

About the operation



Oculus Quest 2 (OculusLink) confirmed to work on actual equipment

Meta Quest

If you are using MetaQuest, please install “ToumeiVR” to your PC first and then sideload the game onto your Quest using the SideQuest app.

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