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Above is the free demo. Click here for the Iragon public beta releaseIragon is an RPG adventure that takes place in a magical world on the brink of war. You play a young hero who’s tasked with the salvation of the town’s busty anime babes. Please support the developers by visiting the Iragon Kickstarter page.

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Iragon VR Game Description

Updated February 3rd, 2021

Note to launch the VR version, unzip the game file and click on the file titled “Iragon VR”


The magical lands of Balmoros hold many secrets. Chief among these is an ancient relic known as the armor of Iragon. Many brave young souls have lost their lives searching for the coveted armor.

Now a pending war threatens the stability of Balmoros and a young lad named Darick is caught in the crossfire. Amid the chaos, Darick chances upon a mysterious young girl who will alter the course of his life forever.


The world of ‘Iragon’ is as treacherous as it is beautiful. Along your journey you will encounter hordes of supernatural beings and evil creatures. As you gain experience, your character develops useful skills and abilities. The more powerful you become, the more sexy women you’ll be able to attract.


  • Deep Story with Branching Choices
  • Challenging Sidequests
  • Multiple Love Interests
  • Nudity and Sexual Content
  • Advanced Fighting Mechanics Featuring Magic and Melee
  • Epic Boss Fights
  • Interactive Environments
  • Upgradable Equipment
  • Cool Collectibles

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  1. lewdreview


    This game has so much potential. A lewd VR game with fantasy elements and real gameplay mechanics gets me excited in a lot of different ways at once.

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