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JuicyVR is more than just a sex simulator. It’s a genuine game with a real story, real adventures, and real mechanics. Please support the developer by visiting the JuicyVR Patreon page.

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Juicy VR Game Description


The demo has multiple scenes and some cool new mechanics. There’s a dream scene where you sap energy from magic butterflies and a wakeup scene where you force a spacegirl to give you a blowjob.


A compelling space saga involving an astronaut who travels the cosmos and saves people from a deadly virus known as blueballer. The terrible disease causes women to go rabid and start fucking men to death. It’s up to you to save the universe from this interstellar sex pandemic.

Future Plans

The goal is to let the players explore a fantasy world, find rare items, collect sex slaves, level up, and make real choices that impace the story.  Upcoming features include:

  1. Improve AI for the NPCs
  2. More physics based object to enhance interactivity with the environment
  3. Branching dialogue with player choices that effect the story
  4. Sexy companion to guide you through the campaign
  5. Collectable sex slaves
  6. Spaceship for enhanced travel
  7. Sexy Voiceovers
  8. Stripping mechanics
  9. Improved UI
  10. New chapters with each update


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Adventure, Fetish

Game Features

Free Demo, Open World, Touch Compatible

1 review for JuicyVR

  1. lewdreview


    I’m really pulling for this one Seems like the dev has a good grasp on what the VR porn game industry is lacking. I hope he stays committed to the project.

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JuicyVR aims to create the best VR adult game on the market with all the features that most other VR porn games lack such as a compelling story, rewarding interactions, interesting mechanics, side quests, and rich environments.