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Machine Ruin Self Destruction

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Machine Ruin Self Destruction is a VR hentai game from ZeroByteOrbit. The game lets you build your own masturbation machine from a naughty repository of sex parts.


Machine Ruin Self Destruction Description

Machine Ruin Self Destruction tells the tale of a young girl in search of the perfect orgasm. It’s your job to construct a contraception contraption that will finally satisfy her legendary lust.

Game Features

  • Thousands of possible machine combinations! Every body part can receive pleasure including the vagina, anus, and penis.
  • Wide variety of restraint harnesses. Position your waifu on any number of different masturbation alters.
  • Lots of sex toys including piston machines, chastity belts, dildos and more
  • Deep gamification that includes pleasure and endurance meters. Reaching orgasm rewards you with unlockable content.
  • Plenty of character customization options
  • Binaural audio

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Game Features

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2 reviews for Machine Ruin Self Destruction

  1. LewdReviewer

    One of the best storylines of any VR porn game

  2. Sevarin

    Sevarin (verified owner)

    I have to say This is one VERY hot game. I absoultely love it and once I got it set up properly to work with everything it looked amazing. The only down side i have to this game is it’s a touch to bright in some spots making it hard to see body parts. eg. the chest/belly/legs/arms areas. I really really hope there is an uncensored version once you beat the game but I have yet to find it. I would really love to see more addons or features. Granted there are a lot. But I would love to see a tentacle alter and tentacle toys. Also options for a male char. and to see everything uncensored. Other then that its really good. Thank you for an amazing game.

    • admin

      LewdVR (verified owner)

      Totally agree. This game is a hidden gem and definitely deserves more recognition.

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