Koikatsu Party VR

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Koikatsu Party VR is a VR hentai game from Illusion. The game features sexy anime girls that you can customize however you want. There is no free demo for this game. Download and installation instructions can be found in the description section below.


Koikatsu Party VR Game Description

Koikatsu Party is a sexy VR character creator with a similar art style to Illusion’s other games like Honey Select and VR Kanojo. The game takes place in a Japanese school where you can customize the “student body” however you see fit.

How to Download and Install Koikatsu Party VR

The base game can be purchased on Steam. In order to play in VR you need to download and install the Koikatsu Party VR Patch in addition to the base game. The VR patch is free and can be downloaded on the game’s main Steam page.

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Game Features

1 review for Koikatsu Party VR

  1. lewdreviewer

    Cute and fun. Similar to Honey Select but with a more traditional anime style.

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Illusion is one of the most respected VR porn game developers in Japan and around the world. Their impressive roster of VR hentai games includes Honey Select, Play Home, VR Kanojo, Koikatsu Party, and more. Known for their gorgeous graphics and deep customization, Illusion’s lineup games show what’s possible with adult VR.