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Mirage is an adult VR sandbox that empahsizes realistic graphics and deep customization. Please support the developer by visiting the MorganaVR Patreon page.



Mirage VR Game Description

Mirage lets you create and animate sexy 3D porn scenes. The game has deep customization and beautiful Genesis models. To make the most of the game, check out the Mirage User Guide.

Mirage aims to be the world’s leading VR sex simulator. By allowing users to import their own Daz3d models in the future, the developer hopes to leverage the power of community-created content to build one of the most versatile VR sex games ever created.

Mirage VR Game Features

  • Over 200 animations
  • Over 500 customization sliders
  • Easy-to-use posing system
  • Key-framed animations
  • Natural limb movements
  • Deep character customization

Features in Development:

  • Real-time simulation of hair, clothes, and liquids
  • Possession mode
  • Content sharing system
  • C# scripts support
  • Online multiplayer
  • Ray tracing


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6 reviews for Mirage

  1. lewdreview

    Another sex simulator with decent potential. We’ll have to see if there’s enough space in adult VR for yet another one of these type of games.

  2. rookan

    Highest quality graphics I’ve seen in VR porn games.

  3. M. Me.

    i would be happy when there is a german update.

  4. Anonymous

    it would be nice to modulate a pussy

  5. Anonomous

    I purchased this gem last night. It’s unreal when I pose one of my girlsvania girls on one screen and my mirage on the next screen. Mirage is truly next gen. One caveat is that I am so far unable to locate the procedure whereby I may change to one of the other models.

  6. Anonymous

    Daz models with limited interaction

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