Neon Princess

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A simple VR sandbox featuring a glowing princess and some sexy animations. Find out more by visiting Kyrieru’s Twitter and website.

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Neon Princess VR Game Description

This strange creature might be centuries old but she still has the libido of a college chick. Grab onto her material form using your touch controllers as you meld with her luminous spirit. This game is still in very early development and doesn’t feature any story or challenges yet. It’s just a cool little sandbox where you can interact with the model and enjoy some nice animations.

A button: Change the players perspective
Trigger 1: Grab and drag the character’s body, e.g. her arms, or hips.
Trigger 2: Hold the trigger to spawn a dick. Use the joystick to adjust the dick’s size and offset. The character will thrust if over top of it.

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1 review for Neon Princess

  1. Hawkie10

    its promising but cant get it to work

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