Rescue Girls

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VR hentai sex sim where you save girls from a state of petrification. Full game is available for purchase on here.


Rescue Girls Description

In this vr sex sim, there are several girls who have mysteriously transformed into statues.
It’s your task to return them to their natural flesh state so you can enjoy their company as nature intended. If you succeed the girls will be eternally grateful and show their appreciation.

The gameplay is a fairly straightforward sex sim. You can undress the girl and change positions. You can also change the speed of her hips.

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MediBang is an esteemed video game developer rooted in Japan, renowned for crafting intricate mature-themed anime games tailored for the VR platform. This studio infuses its interactive experiences with the nuanced artistry and profound depth of Japanese culture, crafting unforgettable adult-focused narratives. Notably, MediBang has a distinct penchant for medical scenarios, often spinning intricate storylines around health, diseases, and the inner workings of the human body. This thematic preference brings a unique perspective to the field of medicine, explored through the immersive and sometimes unnerving lens of anime. With its bold narrative choices and immersive experiences, MediBang continues to redefine the standards of VR gaming, affirming its place as an industry trailblazer.