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“Right Hand Is Lover” is a VR Hentai game for the Oculus Quest that utilizes hand-tracking and AR passthrough. Full game is available on DLSite here.

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Right Hand Is Lover Game Description

A VR hentai game from Japan that’s built for the Oculus Quest. The game uses hand-tracking and passthrough mode to enhance immersion and give you the impression that the girl is actually in your room fucking you. The girls hips track your hand movements so that her motion is synced with your sensation. Warning, this game is only compatible with handtracking. If you try and use the controllers it’s not going to work.

Notes from the developer:

The game uses the pass-through function (which shows the actual surroundings using the Oculus Quest 2 camera). As of October 16, 2021, it is an experimental function and the operation is not guaranteed by the manufacturer. Please understand this before purchasing, as it may stop working in the future. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the operation, but it is currently operating with experimental functions. We recommend installing and turning on the experimental function with SideQuest. (Even if the experimental function is turned on, it will be turned off after restarting, so please set it each time.)

VR Gameplay Guide

  • VR right hand is a lover [pixy]

    The menu is displayed by looking at the palm of your hand.

  • VR right hand is a lover [pixy]
    Making the peace sign will initiate the cumming animation.
    * The right hand responds to the peace sign on the opposite side of the lover mode selected.
    (You can also signal ejaculation from the menu)
  • VR right hand is a lover [pixy]

    It is also possible to grab a girl and move.
    So you can put it on a real bed, sit in a chair, and so on.

  • VR right hand is a lover [pixy]

    You can grow or shrink the girl by pinching with both hands

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Oculus Quest



Game Features

Hand-Tracking, Free Demo

3 reviews for Right Hand Is Lover

  1. v

    how do i open the file?

    • admin


      The file is usually compressed to make downloading faster. You can decompress the file using winrar (it’s free and safe)

  2. H

    How do I use it with passthrough?

  3. Anonymous

    do i just decompress then sideload it or?

    • admin


      Yep, you can use sidequest to sideload

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Pixy is a Japanese game developer who specializes in VR hentai and other adult VR games. He’s famous for his hand-tracking work on the Oculus Quest and is one of the few adult VR game developers who truly understands the ground-breaking potential of VR porn.