Riva After School

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Build and bang your perfect hentai babe in this new VR porn title from DDCATTT. Full game available on DLSite here.



Riva After School Description

Realistic H motion
Real-time H-motion is now possible with real-time simulations based on the skeleton!
You can touch her chest and flip her skirt!
The boobs and hips shake realistically

Supports both VR / non-VR
Mainly for VR devices, but you can also play on your desktop.

Customization function
You can put on and take off the costumes for each body part and take them off piece by piece
Hairstyles, facial expressions, dildos, and lights can also be set in detail.

Camera function
Take a picture of Riva with the camera,
You can leave memories as an image file.
(It is saved in the same folder as the game executable file in PNG file format)

Operation method (VR OculusQuest2 + OculusLink)
Left joystick push: Switching between smooth movement and teleport movement
Left joystick move
Left middle finger trigger Hold / release object
Y slow motion
X None
Menu UI display ON / OFF

Right joystick rotation
Right trigger UI click, photo shoot
Hold / release the right middle finger trigger object
B None
A None
Menu Return to Oculus Home

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1 review for Riva After School

  1. Alparo


    I literally loved it, I can’t imagine how much work and time you put in this project. but if you could improve the physics, the quality of the game would be so much more better.

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