Tifa’s Training

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Next gen sex experience from VRAnimeTed featuring big-tittied Tifa and a dastardly masturbation machine. Built entirely in Unity, this 6dof scene is vewable from any angle. Please support the artist by visiting the VRAnimeTed Patreon page.

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Tifa’s Training Game Description

Tifa likes to think of herself as a tough bitch. She doesn’t take any shit from anyone, especially in the bedroom. So when Sephiroth straps her down and starts training her to be a brainwashed slut, she resists with all her might. But despite her best efforts, she eventually capitulates to the power of Sephiroth’s sex machine. Ashamed of how much she likes it, Tifa now finds herself in an endless loop of guilt and orgasms afraid she’ll never be able to cum without him again.

Original animation by Baron Strap, brought into VR by VRAnimeTed.

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1 review for Tifa’s Training

  1. lewdreviewer

    Brilliant. This is really the direction I’d like VR porn to head in. Full 6dof freedom is a must for the future.

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