VR Paradise

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free demo download button squareVR Paradise’s great graphics and constant updates have made it one of the most popular games in the adult VR gaming space. The full game is available for purchase on the Steam store. More info can be found on the official VR Paradise Twitter.

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VR Paradise Game Description

VR Paradise is a virtual strip club with dancing, stripping, and fully nude VIP rooms. Choose from a bevy of beautiful women and have your way with their sexy CGI bodies.

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5 reviews for VR Paradise

  1. lewdreview

    Good graphics and a lot to explore.

  2. Marcus Childs

    Out of VR porn games on Steam, this is among the very best.

    1: This is the most immersive Adult app.
    2: You really interact with the girls.
    3: Very lifelike graphics. I have seen better but not with the other pros.
    4: Easy to use. No complex user interface.
    5: Girl customization.
    6: Attentive Devs, that listen and improve this app.

    1: Repetitive after a while.
    2: [strike] Some Light issues. This is something they have worked a LOT to fix. And it looks MUCH better.[/strike] Very few light issues now.
    3: Too many of the girls look too much the same. They are [strike]adding[/strike] more girls (DLC) and adding more customization options.
    4: The model has a few issues. Her shoulders mess up when she lifts her arms over her head.

    They are adding more content. [strike] A new Club and 3 more girls are planed.[/strike] Club and those girls have been added. No clue what’s next.

    Video preview. I did not make this video though… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9crCuRnGD14 credit to @OohDanOne

  3. simuzo

    I can more than recommend this game for anyone with a VR or mixed reality set. When I went the first time to the club I was fascinated by the incredibly realistic graphics this game has. This game is graphically just a piece of Art. The animations of the strippers are presented amazingly realistically and are well implemented. You really get the feeling that someone is dancing on the pole or on your lap. The movements of the strippers are also unique. When the womens walk past or take the seat next to you they start to search yor eyecontact and you get the feeling that they want something from you…. when there is eyecontact between you and the stripper, she starts talking to you. You can then order the girl a drink or ask for a Table dance where she just takes the Bra off or you can go even further and ask her for a full nude private dance. Both option last around 6-minutes. There is also an custmization option in the game where you can customize the look of the girls with diffrent clothes, accesories, hairstyles, Eyeshadow, bigger/smaller breast and bottom. There is one club without the Utopia Dlc with it there are then two clubs with it’s unique style and „story telling“…

    Everyone who wants to take a look at the game, can download the free demo, but I would recommend buying the game, because you can use all features without restrictions and for what you get, the price is more than just fair.

  4. MarsBarNinja

    Great app, great developers who listen to and help the community.

    The app itself is less than the cost of entry into a stripclub and for that you get unlimited dances. And those dances are motion capped from actual professional dancers so you know it’s as close to real as you can get.
    The ladies look great, up close you can see the bumps on her skin and from further away you can focus on the correct bumps that you can customise the size of. Speaking of customising you can change outfits, add accessories, change hairstyle, makeup and size of butt and breasts to suit your tastes.
    The club itself is a great place to just sit, chill and relax in. From handing out dollar bills, firing from a money gun to make it rain, having a smoke or Yeeting bottles of booze you can have some fun. Or you can be polite and get a Lady a drink and sit and have some company for a bit. Who knows? Maybe a topless table dance too? Full frontal nudity private dance? It is up to you.
    Find it awkward around topless and having naked ladies right up against you? Want to stream to an audience? The developer got you covered, or more precisely got the girls covered where you can set it topless only or even no nudity modes safe for streaming on Facebook if you wish. I don’t recommend that as your Boss may find out. Or your mother (Sorry Mum).
    The app isn’t without its flaws though. Having the club set in what amounts to a single room on one level with a small private room does mkae you feel a little claustrophobic after a while.
    Which is why they also have a second club set in the future. It is not only a larger space but has an upstairs viewing gallery, futuristic tech, extra customisation options for the ladies, great colour pallette with the blues and purples as opposed to the original Parisian rouge and best of all an outside view with the city down below and flying cars up above.

    I forgot to add you can spank butts and jiggle boobs too.

  5. Anonymous

    Seems cool but the model faces give me the creeps.

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