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VR Comic by RockhardVR Game Review

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RockhardVR is the king of WebVR sex games and has made literally dozens of cool titles. His most recent release is called VR Comic and it’s easily his best game yet.

VR Comic Story

VR Comic is one of the few Oculus Quest porn games with an actual story. In fact, there are multiple stories to choose from. You can play as a vulnerable virgin, a super stud or anything in between.

As the game’s name suggests, the stories play out like a comic strip with fun dialogue that’s presented in text bubbles. It’s recommended for those who want to have a little bit of story in the sex scenes to immerse themselves. One of the most recent stories involves a sexy succubus who wakes you up in bed to drain your cum. This video shows how the storytelling is done.


VR Comic plays more like a 6dof movie than a video game but there’s a surprising number of ways to interact with the scene. Not only can you wander around the environments in full 6dof but you can also customize the girl and switch your point of view. You can choose to experience the scene from a 3rd person point of view or from the POV of any of the scene’s characters. The image below shows an illustration of the different perspectives you can choose.

rockhardvr vr comic game review image 1
Watch the scene from his or her perspective


The graphics of VRComic are surprisingly good for a WebVR game. It’s a testimony to how talented RockHardVR is as a developer that he’s able to get such a polished looking game playable in full 6dof entirely in a browser. The graphics are easily on par with many other VR porn games for the Quest and VR Comic requires none of the sideloading frustrations.

One specialty of VR Comic is that all the animations are made by hand (manual labor in other words). It’s a rare type of content when it comes to the VR porn gaming field, because animations are time consuming and expensive to make. In VR Comic, half of it is made of sex loops, and the rest is “non-loops”. The non-loop parts are the most difficult parts to create for the developer/animator.


One of the things that really sets VR Comic apart is that the game has an actual story line. That being said, the story is told almost entirely through text bubbles rather than voice acting. There are some audible expressions that the characters make and some background music too but aside from that it’s all subtitles. While some might see this as a drawback, it does offer its own unique charm. Unless voice acting in a game is done really well, it can often detract from the sexiness of the scene. Using text instead of recordings helps avoid this common pitfall.

Some users talked about voice overs instead of texts. Currently, all of animations are created by a sole animator. In the future, if the size of this production is improved, voice overs will be possible


One of the games best features is the surprisingly robust character customization system. You can customize the character in the middle of the story and watch her boobs grow right as she’s talking to you. This makes for some unique interactions that aren’t available in any other VR games. For example, growing the girl’s boobs as she’s flirting with you adds an extra element of seduction that shouldn’t be underestimated. Customizing the girls look is surprisingly fun and much easier than most other games. You simply adjust a slider or a toggle button to change her body shape or outfit.

In addition to boobs, you can customize a lot of other features too including butt, thighs, waist, clothing and skin color. It’s also possible to remove the man’s body parts if you like. All the customization is done through very easy to use sliders that are easily accessible from the main menu. You can even toggle on and off different articles of clothing to experience the babe in various stages of undress.

rockhardvr vr comic vr sex game review image
So many character options to choose from

Sharing Your Creations

Once you’ve made your perfect character you can screenshot your creation and share it with other gamers via the user gallery here: Sharing can all be done from directly within VR so there’s no need to exit the session to upload what you’ve made. I suggest everyone visit the gallery at least once to see what’s possible.

rockhardvr vr comic vr porn game image 4
Take a screenshot and share you creation without ever leaving the game
rockhardvr vr comic vr porn game review image 3
The image gallery lets you see what others have made

Accessing the Game

Free demos are available for free to anyone who visits RockHardVR’s website. Just go to in your VR browser and click on the game you want to play. There’s a brief loading screen and then the game automatically launches in VR. Full versions are available on either VRporn ( or the developer’s own store. (

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There are currently four titles available in the VR Comic category
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