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Adult VR Game Room review

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Created by a small professional team, Adult VR Game Room is definitely a high quality adult VR game, with a lot of potential seing how the developers are actively working on the project. Although still in early access, players will be impressed by the quality of the current state of the game.

Easy to watch, easy to play, players will be pleased to know that multiplayer is an available option (unlocked by supporting the development of the game on Patreon), so anyone can have intimate fun with friends around the world.

Enough said, let’s now dip our toes and checkout what Adult VR Game Room has to offer in details!



It all begins after wearing a mask. When launching the game, the player is granted the choice of two masks, to grab and wear. Once wore, you will be teleported in another dimension, with multiple pictures on the walls, which are representing the different scenery to choose from. Those pictures are actually stages available for players to teleport to, and while only a few are currently available, it’s easy to appreciate the feeling bursting out of each scene.

From masturbating naked girls on a pirate ship, to dildo mouth fucking in a modern house, your imagination will be driven by the diversity of the surroundings.

Pick a room to begin having fun by using the hand pointer. The selected room will then appear in small scale, opening the view for the player to see the entire scene from above while spawning and placing objects or avatars. Once ready, toggle the normal scale mode and the room will become normal size, dropping the player in the room ready for some fun action.

Not a lot of rooms are available yet but has we can see, a lot of pictures are noted with a ‘’coming soon’’ notice, giving players and supporters a sneak peek of what new rooms will be made available in the future.

Needless to say, the team is actively making good progress, so players might not have to wait for too long before having more rooms unlocked to enjoy some scenes for more exciting fantasies.



While in a room, players can spawn objects like dildos and furniture, as well as female avatars (more female models are available when supporting the game on their Patreon page).

You can spawn more than one of the same object/avatar, so whether you want only one lady in the room, or a full team, go nuts! The choice is up to the player.


The player’s wrists are equipped with small control panels, giving multiple options to use depending on the object currently selected by the pointer.

When selecting the female avatar with the hand pointer, you will be able to change options as you see fit, from changing her position to choosing her facial expression.

The left wrist has an option to move the player camera up and down, giving you total liberty to move freely in the scene to enjoy the best possible views during hot action!


In this porn VR game, physics are well-balanced and surprisingly very accurate and responsive. And the fact that there are no clipping-through with the models makes it even more realistic when rubbing toys or hands on her body. You can almost feel the pressure of the dildo on her soft skin!

One good example of how impressive the physic is in Adult VR Game room, is her head.

Her mouth will naturally move with realistic motion when pushing toys or fingers in, even her jaw will move accurately when pushing downward.

Multiple areas of her body can be grabbed and moved. From grabbing her head to make her suck fiercely, to grabbing her legs to open-up the way, the player will have a good time moving her around like a doll, making the replayability endless and less generic.


Adult VR Game Room is a VR sex game that is as much fun to play as to look at. The graphical style is semi-realistic with a pinch of cartoon-style, which makes it very appealing for the eyes.

Each room is set in a different scene, so the diversity is appreciated to avoid seeing the same decor too many times in the same session. (currently only a few rooms have been unlocked, but a lot more are coming soon).

The skin of the avatar is well-made and looks soft and real, and it’s worth mentioning that the skin is representing real human skin, so if you are looking for girls that looks like barbies, this is not for you. The girl looks and feel somehow real, and with the way her eyes moves, it’s easy to feel immerse into her staring.



Another very cool feature in Adult VR Game room, is the multiplayer mode. The team developing this sexy VR game have made a lot of players happy by giving the option to play with friends (or even, strangers) with the multiplayer game mode, playable in two options:

-Private rooms: have fun with friends

-Public rooms: have fun with strangers

Communication is important and has not been left aside, voice chat is available for multiplayer, avoiding confusion to know which position to take or which toys to use. With voice chat, players can speak out loud their intention while dipping into the action.

That being said, only their Patreon supporters have access to multiplayer game mode. So if you like the game and want to have intimate fun with others, make sure to support them on Patreon to unlock this cool feature.

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Free Demo

You want to try Adult VR Game Room but you’re still not convinced it’s the right VR porn game for you? Not a problem, a free demo of the game is available HERE! No need to hesitate, it’s free and will give you a pretty good taste of what this game has to offer.


Overall, Adult VR Game room is a great VR sex game that will impress every fan of VR porn games. The navigation and menus are simple and clear, the graphics are very nice to look at with a high accent on realism dipped in a slight touch of cartoon, players can play solo, with random strangers or invite friends with the multiplayer feature, … what more to ask? Try out the demo for free and don’t hesitate to support the developers if you want to see more from them.

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