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VR Sex Game: Perv Simulator VR Review

Perv Simulator VR is a unique and welcome addition to the VR sex game category.

Designed and developed by Teluma Games, it’s in early access on Steam. It’s a small game at the moment, but the developers are making active updates to their Patreon.

VR sex game Perv Simulator VR
Image Source: Perv Simulator VR


Reminiscent of thief simulator and others of its genre, Perv Simulator VR introduces an exciting new idea to the adult VR game realm.

Players will do everything they can to avoid getting caught – in hopes of catching a glimpse of someone in a precarious situation.

You know the rush you feel while doing something you shouldn’t? You’ll be feeling that when playing this game. Now you have a safe place to spy on that hot neighbor, all while in the comfort of your own home. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about her catching you!

From climbing ladders, sneaking past sleeping boyfriends, and collecting items like whips and condoms. The concept is incredible, and an exciting one, but seems to be lacking in some major parts of the game.

Gameplay focuses on that primary goal – getting to the girls you want to spy on, whether it be in their homes or in the Red Light District. However…that’s where the game stops. 

As of posting this review, there are only two levels, one where you climb some boxes and collect the previously mentioned condoms. And while the other one is more complicated you’re still following the same generic formula; watching ‘Stacey’ shower and then sneaking around to search for three objects. 

While this can be fun, it can be hard to justify the price. Although, as it is only in early access, there are hopes that the game will develop further. Those updates will hopefully bring new and exciting features to help sell this awesome concept further.

VR sex game Perv Simulator VR
Image Source: Perv Simulator VR


The graphics in this game aren’t anything special. It seems to use a lot of unity assets, which look alright, but it would nice to have the developer smooth out the graphics to help players feel more immersed in the experience. 

But as it stands, this VR sex game just looks like another generic Unity game, which is unfortunate – because a game with a unique concept like this would really benefit from having that charming style that normally sets these VR porn games apart.

VR sex game Perv Simulator VR
Image Source: Perv Simulator VR


Perv Simulator VR is in early access, which can make it difficult to gauge where the game is planned to go. It’s lacking a lot of features and level diversity, but the levels it feels solid enough that it may be worth a purchase just to experience.  

This game is unique in its concept and design, and even with its flaws, there may still be moments when players feel that rush of adrenaline when spying on that hot girl next door. Overall, it’ll be exciting to see where Teluma Games takes this title, as it has a lot of unleashed potential.

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