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VRKanojo – VR Hentai Game Review

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VRKanojo is a Japanese Sex Simulator developed by Illusion. The game revolves around a cute Asian schoolgirl named Kanojo and her innocent attempts at seduction. Interactions involve everything from subtly peeking up her skirt to brazenly groping her genitals.

Art Style

The art style of the game is remarkably well done. The graphics look realistic, but are stylized enough to avoid uncanny valley territory. What you get is a hot 3D anime chick that even normies would drool over.


As a minimialistic sandbox game, your not meant to be challenged by the environment so much as explore it. The mechanics of the game are simple and consist mainly of grabbing and nodding.

The storyline is also fairly basic but at least the sexual intensity escalates as the game progresses (something which can’t be said for many other VR porn games).


In the end, it’s a wildly fun sex game that helped put lewd VR gaming on the map. For that, I give it an 8/10. Play the free VR Kanojo demo.

vr kanojo review rating

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