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Adult VR Game Room is a realistic sex simulator with multiplayer support. Join public or private rooms and explore your fantasies with other people. Please support the developer by visiting the official Adult VR Game Room Website and Patreon.




Adult VR Game Room Description

Online Multiplayer VR sex game that lets you play with your friends, long distance partners, or connect with new and exciting people online. Start a private room and invite only your closest friends or join a public room and have an adventure with strangers. Read the full game review of Adult VR Game Room.

Developer Description

You are in charge of a research laboratory called “Griffin’s Nest”. Your job is to manage the facilities, equipment and resources. Conduct research and breed ACTORs (Artificial Cell Transmutable Organic Robots).
Create new and unique ACTORS by combining different species, races, body types, and traits. Apply researched modifiers and mutators during the breeding process to create a one of a kind, exquisite ACTOR. The possibilities are virtually endless. The choice is yours.

Drop your ACTORs into different customizable environments. Add furniture, props, toys, lights and other items to set up the environment the way you want it. Interact with ACTORs, control them, pose them, animate them, possess and become them. Do as you please.

Meet other players and their creations in an online Multiplayer. Share your research results and conduct cooperative experiments.

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25 reviews for Adult VR Game Room

  1. Anonymous

    decent game except her pussy doesn’t do anything

  2. egg

    decent butt how delete

  3. gamerx

    great physics but I want more girls

  4. gamerx

    can I buy it ?

  5. Anonymous

    How can I play it on the oculus?

  6. Anonymous

    Girls are hot. I want more

  7. Anonymous

    I got it working on my Quest 2! Can’t wait for the breeding update! When will it release ?

  8. Anonymous

    The jiggle is real :O

  9. Anonymous

    Goddamn! This is nice

  10. Anonymous

    When’s the next update ? I want it now!

  11. Anonymous

    I finally had a threesome… in VR lol. Foursome when ?

  12. Anonymous

    The new 0.5 update is out. Will there be a new demo ?

  13. JofAll

    Will there be an updated demo? version 0.5 has been released

  14. Anonymous

    Awesome jiggle physics. How do I play multiplayer?

  15. Anonymous

    When will the game come out? I want to buy

  16. FlowG

    I think this is a newer game but it’s very VERY promising. The potential is through the roof. I just wish I could change my VR hands to a different color or model.

  17. ViciVic

    You can see skin pores! :O Crazy amount of detail

  18. JimsBottom

    The game is really headed in the right direction! Love it, but I wish the multiplayer mode was in the demo.

  19. VRin420

    My new best adult game of 2022 😀

  20. Anonymous

    Can’t wait for the breeding update :O

  21. WeSaul

    Why did I find out about this just now? had to sub on the Patreon for the multiplayer and Holy shit! Keep up the good work! Very excited about the future updates! giggity

  22. Anonymous

    Yooo this game is sick!

  23. Anonymous

    Love it! The most realistic body physics I’ve seen in a video game. Slapping never gets old lol 😀

  24. bobbylovezee

    One of the best adult games out there. Please update your demo. New version came out.

  25. bobbylovezee

    Will the game be available for purchase on this site? I’m very much interested.

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