After School VR

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Turn your classroom into an orgy with this VR porn game that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase teacher’s pet. Please support the developer by visiting the HardcorePink Patreon.


After School VR Game Description

After School VR is a sex simulator that takes place in a classroom. Choose between a variety of sex scenes and positions, then let your fantasies play out in 3D.

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Sandbox, Sex Simulator

Game Features

Free Demo, Touch Compatible

3 reviews for After School VR

  1. LewdReviewer

    Some strong bones but needs to be fleshed out with more story or something

  2. Kramer

    This game started off promising. The developer has made some pretty in depth games (like Hotel Pink) sad to see he abandoned the project so early.

  3. jwqjhvecfhj


    what he said

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