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Amoreon is an interactive VR porn game from Citor3. Please support the creator by purchasing the game from Citor3’s Patreon page.

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Amoreon Game Description

Amoreon is the latest VR porn game from the Citor3 studios. Game features include:

  1. Character customization – choose your girls shape, hair, and outfit
  2. Personality System – 4 personalities to choose from ranging from the cute girl next door to sexy dominatrix
  3. Voice acting – every character has spoken lines that add autio eroticism to the experience
  4. Shop – pleasing the girls pays money that you can use in the shop to buy sex toys and accessories.

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Sex Simulator

Game Features

Free Demo, Character Customization, Sex Toys, Touch Compatible

5 reviews for Amoreon

  1. lewdreview


    A solid VR porn game with some cool customization elements.

  2. hamfist

    Great game!

  3. Craigt84

    Craigt84 (verified owner)

    the game is good to look at and play in some aspects. However the toys you buy in the shops you cant seem to use on the girls. They will make noises buy you cant put it in them and the video advertising Amoreon you cant seem to do, for example showing the girl use toys on you, and you using the toys on them. it would be good for also fluids in the game im not saying this game is bad but not what i thought when seen it advertised.

  4. nec14e


    even the demo doesnt work. as running it it says try for playing the demo give short clip and go out

  5. Citor3Games


    nec14e. The demo works. VR required. No 2D.

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Citor3 is one of the most respected VR porn game studios in the adult VR industry. They have been making VR sex games since the earliest days of VR and their impressive catalog of games includes classics like Femdomination, Amoreon, and more. Fun fact: Citor3 is “erotic” spelled backwards.