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Dezyred is a “choose your own adventure” porn video that’s made to be viewed in VR. You forge your path along the decision tree based on what turns you on the most.


Dezyred Game Description

Dezyred is free to play but requires you to purchase tokens in order to advance through the experience. You get some free tokens just by virtue of signing up and downloading the game but be warned, the sign up process is a bit tedious. You’ll have to visit the website and give them your email address. Then once you confirm your email, you’ll have to download an app.

That being said, this is one of the only live action VR porn experiences with even a small amount of genuine interactivity so it might be worth a try – especially given the fact that the scenes themselves are produced by one of the more respected VR porn studios out there, VRBangers.

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Free Demo, Live Action

6 reviews for Dezyred

  1. lewdreview

    Interesting concept. Points for originality but still very primitive. Looking forward to the day these type of interactive porns are more engaging.

  2. Lorey

    I’ve been waiting for something like this. Don’t get me wrong. I used to be a fan of captain hardcore. But, seeing real person does a better job for me. Overall it is a nice game and it is worthed every penny IMO. And it is a class over the regular VR porn.

  3. Danny

    I simply don’t understand how someone that haven’t played this game can rate it 1 star.
    Just because the game doesn’t support a vr headset (without link)? Not to mention that it is mentioned on their site what vr headsets are supported.

    Anyway, I think that at this time this is the top vr porn game out there. As far as I know this is the only one that uses real pornstars in vr. So for me it is the best one.
    Sure. There is room for improvement. But this is a really good start.

  4. Smith0

    This is freaking awesome. I thought that vr porn was the high point of porn a few years ago. Now this comes out. Don’t get me wrong. It has a few bugs and it seems that it doesn’t support all headsets. But from my perspective this is an amazing game/porn. If it had integration with sex toys it would’ve been even better. But, vr sex toys are just starting to be known. And considering that there isn’t much competition, that I know off, in this niche where you get to fuck and interact with real pornstars in vr, I give it 5 out of 5. Realistically it is an 4,5 out of 5, for me.

  5. manON

    Had to go on a few hoops to play it on my quest. It won’t play without the link. But, in the end, this was an amazing journey. To be fair I think it is not a perfect 10 especially as it didn’t work without the link. More like a 9, but still a really nice addition to vr games… if you can call it a game.

  6. Casper

    I had to try this and I only whish they had more stories available. Some things seems hard to unlock on the recent story… but I still had fun. Definitely another type of vr porn game. Kudos to the producers from vrbangers.

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