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Heels, whips, and leather abound in this classic BDSM game from Citor3. Note: When you purchase the game, you will be provided a license key. You must download and enter the license key to unlock the full game.

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Femdomination is a classic VR porn game with BDSM elements. The game features five different locations and multiple female characters.

The locations include the orientation, the slave, the chair, the dungeon, and the temple. The character’s can be customized in a variety of ways where you can change skin tone, clothing options, and hairstyle.

There are three different game modes that give you various degrees of interactivity. The “Experience” mode has the female model dictate what’s happening to you. The “Arousal” mode has an added level of interactivity where you control the rate of sexual escalation. The “Developer” mode lets you view each action at the touch of a button and just cycle through the animations at leisure.

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Fetish, Sex Simulator

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Character Customization, Touch Compatible

1 review for Femdomination

  1. Samilton

    The original VR bondage game. Great for those who like it rough.

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Citor3 is one of the most respected VR porn game studios in the adult VR industry. They have been making VR sex games since the earliest days of VR and their impressive catalog of games includes classics like Femdomination, Amoreon, and more. Fun fact: Citor3 is “erotic” spelled backwards.