Lewd VR of the Dead

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Be a part of a sexy shooting adventure! With guns and a devoted partner by your side, fight hordes of adorable girls from all sides. In this thrilling and action-packed game, flourish, maintain, and develop your relationship! Full game available on DLSite here. 


Lewd VR of the Dead Game Description:

The much awaited follow-up to the well-known VR eroge, is now accessible and provides an even more risqué experience. Players can discover a universe brimming with operability and sensuality thanks to improved UI elements and a variety of high-quality sci-fi levels. Six attractive women are waiting for you in a variety of places, including your own room, a research center, and an underground bunker that is projected. Furthermore, the “Echi Echi Picture & Video Projection System” feature enables users to personalize their VR environment with their own sensual images and films, bringing fantasies to life.

About Survival Mode

Enter an exciting endurance shooting game with five minutes of all-out attack from gorgeous chicks. You’ll need to manage your limited ammunition while fighting a lot of enemies while armed with pistols. Choose a companion to battle with you and watch out for your back. If you both survive the test, your relationship will become stronger. Enjoy this added bonus feature as a fascinating complement to the game’s setting.

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