Life with a VR Maid

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Have sex with an anime maid in this hot VR hentai game from Pixy – compatible with both PCVR and Oculus Quest. Full game available for purchase here.

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Life with a VR Maid Game Description

Please test compatibility with the free demo version. There are no English subtitles for this game.


You play a protagonist who has a hopeless crush on his beautiful young maid. The maid considers you her cute friend and would never think of you in a romantic way. Determined to change her mind, you set about on a journey to convince her that you’re a real man, worthy of her treasure.


You can hold the waist of the maid to make her thrust. Alternatively, you can leave it to the maid, and just enjoy the show. The hands, feet, and hips can all be set separately, so you can align everything perfectly with your own body’s position.

When the box is displayed in the menu, the box that serves as a guide is displayed, so it is easy to adjust to the desired posture.
Boxes for hands, elbows, knees, heels, hips, and maids are displayed.
Grab this box to operate.
If you move with your waist, the maid will react to your movements!

The scene culminates in a lot of bukkake. Don’t hold back with the cum, there’s plenty to go around.

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13 reviews for Life with a VR Maid

  1. LewdReviewer

    Cute face on this girl. I especially like her eyes.

  2. vrcam


    how do i instal on quest?????

    • admin


      You have to sideload. Most people use an app called Sidequest.

  3. Idk

    Can I change the language

  4. bbucher


    Its alright. Does anyone have the full version theyd be willing to give?

  5. frannce


    as far as i can tell, ive been trying to download this for an hour or so and cant figure it out. i am trying to sideload onto my quest 2 with sidequest. i download the file, and then i unzip it. the unzipped file isnt an .apk so im not able to sideload it onto the quest. it would be real helpful if the developer put instructions or atleast replied to other comments above mine who are having the same issue. waste of time

    • admin


      Are you trying to sideload the demo or the paid version?

  6. Nytmare


    i was thinking about buying the full ver but is there a english ver?

    • admin


      No English version unfortunately

  7. russianpelican


    can you side load the demo?

    • admin


      Yes, you need to first unzip the file is all

  8. Hiro


    Tried the demo, but I can only move her hands? And there doesn’t seem to be a button to bring up a menu to change positions or anything. .

  9. Jaden

    There doesn’t seem to be anyway to side load due to sidequest only taking apks if anybody has a solution I’m literally dying to know

    • admin


      The download file is a zip file. It’s compressed. Once you unzip the file you’ll see the .apk.

  10. Pretty confusing demo. Only in Japanese, which would be ok if there was a menu for poses or clothes or stuff but there isn’t and there’s a button asking you if you want to close out popping up every five minutes

  11. Smooshboy


    I havent played the game yet but it started up fine on my oculus quest. After you purchase it for about 13 bucks or 1500 yen you need to extract it and in the files should be a apk. Just sideload that apk on to the quest.

  12. reiuss


    anyone know how to sideload this to the headset

  13. Anonymous

    the demo is ok. but not great. a menu asking if i want to close out or cancel pops up everytime 10 seconds or so and I can only move the dick. i cannot move her positioning or anything other than the penis. Its very frusterating

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Pixy is a Japanese game developer who specializes in VR hentai and other adult VR games. He’s famous for his hand-tracking work on the Oculus Quest and is one of the few adult VR game developers who truly understands the ground-breaking potential of VR porn.