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Slaves of Rome is an adult PC game with VR support. The game features a ton of fun gameplay mechanics including skill trees, resource management and more. Please support the dev by visiting the Slaves of Rome Patreon page. Full game available for purchase below.

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Slaves of Rome Game Description

Take a virtual journey back to an age where men ruled and women obeyed. Have your way with the finest females of antiquity in this bdsm themed game called Slaves of Rome. Read the full Slaves of Rome game review here.

New Update in version v0.99 Includes:

  • New Storylines – featuring Dharkar Ahuja and Callirhoe, Maximus, Dimiara and Pathicus and new slaves.

  • New Characters – Ting (New Female Slave), Rhoglos (New Male Slave), Dimiara (Refactored), Custom Slave (Refactored), Maxed Slave (Refactored), MC Female (Refactored), Enu (Semi-Refactored), Cornelia (Semi-Refactored) and Pathicus (New Story/NPC)

  • New Features – Player Customization (Female), Play As Futa (Female), Slave Runaway (Togglable through ‘Gameplay Settings’)

  • New Gameplay – Slaves initial cost balance changes, Quest General’s letter location balance, Temple of the Gods Character Customization and cost balance.

  • New Sex – A new device to have sex on. (Send them from Dungeon)

  • New Missions – Slave Education (a whole new punishment mode)

  • New Environments – Pleasure House (NEW) and Inner City (Adjustments)

  • Fixes/Improvements – Able to exit punishment prematurely, Inner City Optimization, UI/UX for several elements and across the board bug fixes and improvements (visual & code)


Warning: This game only has limited VR support. Not all features are available in VR.

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Free Demo, Touch Compatible

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  1. lewdreview


    Glad to see the developer added VR support!

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Slaves of Rome is a VR porn fetish game that takes place in ancient Rome. This bdsm themed game gives you a harem of beautiful women to play with.