What If Adventure Time Was a 3D Anime Game

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This unique adult VR game has an art style inspired by Adventure Time and a gameplay style inspired by Kingdom Hearts. Please support the developer by visiting the Mike Inel Patreon page.


What If Adventure Time Description

Important: To unlock the sex content you must complete certain game achievements. A guide can be found here.

Based on the earlier seasons of Adventure Time, this 3rd-person action game features six different locations to explore, eight non-playable characters, puzzles, secrets, and epic boss fights.‚Äč

Advance through the levels to attain cool achievements like weapon and movement upgrades. Master your skills to unlock the hidden NSFW content that only the devs were meant to see.

Unfortunately, the developer decided to stop supporting VR in the latest builds of the game but this version is still compatible with VR. The game has a lot of sexy secrets for those who know how to unlock all of them.


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2 reviews for What If Adventure Time Was a 3D Anime Game

  1. LewdReviewer

    Super fun game. Love the idea that you have to unlock the secret sexy stuff, just wish there was a little more of it.

  2. hamfist

    As a fan of adventure time, I approve

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Mike Inel is a quirky creator who appreciates a good joke just as much as he appreciates a good lay. His passion for life led him to make fun VR sex games that bring boners and smiles to all mankind.