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Adult RPG: Wild Life VR Review

Wild Life is one of the most funded and ambitious porn games to date, making nearly 90 thousand dollars per month on their Patreon. They’ve also recently added a VR sex game feature, adding to the list of great features within the game.

It’s being created by industry professionals, with their experience coming from games like The Division, and Overwatch, it’s clear this game is already in excellent hands. AdeptusSteve is the project lead and has been developing this game since the beginning.


The story in the game is one many have heard before. A peaceful land of tribal villages finds itself invaded by foreigners. These people seek to hunt the animals of the land and steal the fortunes from an otherwise content land.

You play as Maya, and you’ll explore Wild Life through hunting, exploring the lands, and having sex with the cast along the way.

There are multiple different tribes you’re able to explore throughout the game, with the studio developing a brand new fishing tribe. Players will explore these tribes as they progress throughout the game, completing missions and quests that lead them through the expansive world Wild Life has to offer. 

Each tribe has its own unique story, and they also will interact with each other. Seeing how the tribes either worked together in an alliance or fought in a rivalry quickly became one of the most enjoyable parts of the game. 

AdeptusSteve Wildlife VR Review Image
Image Source: Wild Life


This game is stunning and evokes the genuine feeling of being in a desert. Each tribe has a different aesthetic, from a typical village one may think of, to a tribe that uses giant animal bones as a way of decorating. It helps add to the diversity of the land that may get monotonous in other series.

Alongside the world’s incredible graphics, the characters look as realistic as possible – even the anthropomorphic ones. There is slight jiggle physics on the breast, anatomically correct genitals, and just slightly cartoon faces. They’re minor details, but ones that don’t go unnoticed throughout the game. 

Players may find themselves just standing and taking in the stunning scenes, appreciating the work that the developers have put in.


Wild Life is an ‘Adult Action RPG’ – and captures both genres beautifully. Players will fight animals with fluid movements reminiscent of the best action RPGs in the genre. Dodging and attacking can be as strategic or as button-mashy as you’d like, and have a lot of potential to go even further if the developers want to add things like skill-trees to diversify the combat even more.

Considering this game is also an adult VR game, it’s almost surreal how the interactions in the game feel so similar to popular MMORPGs. Diverse characters assign the quests players to complete, and all the while, players will explore lore-rich areas, evoking a nostalgic feeling they once felt while playing games like World of Warcraft.

Only this time, you’re able to play as a gorgeous protagonist who has sex with the anthropomorphic creatures and humans. Oh, and you won’t need a mount to fly in this game – as the main character can do it all on her own.

Flying is another amazing aspect of the game and makes traveling the beautiful world of Wild Life one that doesn’t feel like a chore. Players may get lost in time as they fly over the beautiful terrain, possibly finding secrets hidden in the tall structures one may normally not be able to reach.

As the sex may often vary between anthropomorphic characters and humans, players are free to deny any request of sex a character may offer. It’s a welcome feature, as some people may not feel like having sex with a lizard-man or may only want to have sex with lizard-men. So while the NPCs may offer or ask to have sex with you, there’s no consequence to saying no. 

AdeptusSteve Wildlife VR Review Image
Image Source: Wild Life


The primary focus of this game is so well done that it deserves its own section. Currently, you’re able to ‘possess’ whoever you wish and also have sex with whoever you please, making for a diverse cast of options in fulfilling whatever sexual fantasy you may have. 

Within the sex scenes, the developers give players a wide variety of settings to choose between. From their physical appearance to the ‘wetness’ of their skin and genitalia. Customizing isn’t particularly unique to this genre, but it’s incredible considering the vast world the developers have already created. This level of customizing is the icing on the cake.

There’s a multitude of different poses and partners you can enjoy, from male and female to lesbian, gay, and even tentacle porn. The developers created each pose with intention and built the sense of immersion the player may have already felt – and also allowing for said player to play out whatever fantasy they may choose. Just looking within their Patreon showcases the hundreds of different sexual positions they’ve fleshed out – with more to come.

On top of the diverse sex, a VR porn game option has been added within the game, making it even more enjoyable and immersive.

VR Support

If there were to be one lacking thing in the game currently, it’d be the VR support. Players can only use their VR headset to watch the scene – still having to use their keyboard and mouse to control the scene. It’s still nice, considering the detail within the scenes have more variety than most VR sex games, but it would be nice to see VR support throughout the game.

It’s not a complete deal-breaker, considering that you can still adjust your camera angle to be first-person so you don’t lose immersion, but players may still find setting up their headset just to watch the same scenes they can on their desktop may annoy them.

AdeptusSteve Wildlife VR Review Image
Image Source: Wild Life


Wild Life is an ambitious title, reminding players of their favorite MMORPGs, while also providing an in-depth porn experience. Wild Life is sure to not disappoint. With a sprawling desert world filled with a diverse cast of humans and anthropomorphic characters, players will find themselves both immersed in a story rich with tribal lore, and also engaged in similarly diverse sex scenes. 

However, it would be nice to see more focus on the VR sex game aspect, and see more support throughout the game for VR headsets.

It’s clear the developers have put their hearts into the game, and it shows, and with continuous updates on their Patreon, it’s exciting to see where this game will go as they hire more employees and expand upon this fantastic world.

You can get the free demo of Wild Life here.

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  1. How did you get access to VR?.

    1. You push alt + v on your keyboard, only on sex scenes.

  2. False. There is no active vr support. You’re just playing it I’m a window in vr. Not 3d or anything. It may be added in the future though

  3. Absolutely loved this review! As an adult gamer, it’s great to see more recommendations for VR games with mature content. Wild Life VR looks like a blast, and I can’t wait to dive in and explore the world. Great job on the review, keep up the good work!

  4. I recently tried out Wild Life VR and was blown away by the level of immersion and realism. As an adult gamer, it was great to finally find an RPG that caters to my interests without feeling childish or cheesy. The graphics and sound design were top-notch, and I really enjoyed the open-world exploration. Overall, I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a mature and engaging VR experience.

  5. I recently tried Wild Life VR and was thoroughly immersed in the adult RPG experience. The graphics and gameplay were top-notch, and I loved the level of customization available. Definitely recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of this genre!

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