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Futanari Dick Girls, aka Dick Girls VR, is an adult VR game that specializes in chicks with dicks. The game is very simplistic and isn’t much more than a POV scene generator but it might still hold some appeal for those who are really into futa.

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Dick Girls VR Description

Dick Girls VR is a VR futanari game that was abandoned in 2018. The game got off to a solid start with some decent animations and POV options but, like many VR sex games of its time, never made it out of the tech demo phase. The Patreon page for the game is still live but there hasn’t been any activity for a while. When it first launched the developer made a post on F95 zone describing his goals with the futa VR game as follows:

Futanari Dick Girls is a VR Porn game focused on high quality content and customization. My current hopes for the game is that you’ll be able to change anything from characters to sex positions. You’ll use your “hands” (motion controllers) to interact with your character. In the near future, I want users to be able to play with her boobs and use different toys on her. I’d also like to add hand jobs and blow jobs in the sex scenes. Eventually, I’d like to add voice acting and lipsync animations to make it more “realistic”. Hoping to also generate hair physics and eye movement to add realism and “personality” to the characters.​

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Fetish, Sex Simulator

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2 reviews for Dick Girls VR

  1. LewdReviewer

    Pretty basic stuff here. Worth checking out for futa fans, beyond that’s it’s probably not worth the download.

  2. P0rNGUY



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The studio name really says it all with this one.  DickGirlsVR is an indie studio (probably just a single person honestly) who had a dream of making the world’s first VR futa game.