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The SexLikeReal App is an alternative way to browse VR porn in your headset. It gives you higher-quality video streaming than you get when you stream directly through the browser. It also makes it a little easier to browse by category and tag. The app is free so if you’re someone who prefers to stream VR porn videos rather than download them, and you don’t mind a little extra setup, the SexLikeReal app is worth the download.

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SexLikeReal is the second biggest source for VR porn videos after The site offers a ton of free 2-minute trailers from all the major studios and gives you the option to buy the full videos directly on the site or in their app. When buying full videos, you have the option of buying them individually (pay per view style), or signing up for SLR Premium (subscription style). The SLR Premium subscription gives you access to 1,000’s of full VR porn videos for a monthly fee of around $30.

The SLR app isn’t necessary to stream videos. A lot of VR porn websites allow you to stream VR videos directly through your browser without requiring any add-ons or downloads. The benefit of using this app instead of your browser is you get slightly less compression. The best quality still comes from downloading the videos individually and then playing them back in a VR video player like Skybox or something. But if you want the best quality possible without sacrificing the convenience of streaming, this app is probably your best bet.

Here’s a more in-depth review of SexLikeReal premium section that compares it to if you’re interested. I took a lot of time to write this free VR porn comparison article and it’s the best breakdown you’ll find online.

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